The Vote Heard `Round The World


Britain’s adieu to the EU strikes fear into the hearts of the globalist elites and their media assets

By Mark Cromer

It was long a failed marriage that kept going largely by rote and now it looks like it’s going to be a nasty divorce.

The counting of the ‘Brexit’ ballots had hardly been finished and the final tally announced from London when the numb disbelief that had spread among the globalization pimps on Thursday as it became apparent Britain was serving the European Union with divorce papers suddenly gave way to red-faced rage from those very elites who have peddled and profited from the slow dissolution of nation states into an international order.

The American stock markets plunged. A decrepit-looking Alan Greenspan appeared for interviews decrying the vote as the emergence of a fracturing, nationalistic era that harkens back to the October 1987 stock market crash. “This is the worst period I recall since I have been in public service,” the former Chairman of the Fed said.

President Obama, who had personally put his shoulder into the ‘Remain’ vote while in the United Kingdom this spring and in doing so added more votes to ‘Leave’ when he effectively warned the British they’d find themselves “at the back of the queue” if they chose to split, appeared somewhere between somber and seething as he speculated that the vote was the result of a culture clash.

On CNN, a grim-looking Erin Burnett described scenes of “chaos” and “carnage” that were unfolding merely hours after the vote had been cast—Burnett hyper-ventilated the term “carnage” repeatedly throughout her show in relation to the vote—and one of the network’s correspondents in London claimed panic and regret was sweeping through many British voters who had cast their ballots to break away from the EU only hours before. There were no interview clips with anyone expressing instantaneous ‘buyer’s remorse’ as the victory parties were raging, of course, just a CNN correspondent claiming that hundreds of thousands of ‘Leave’ voters were suddenly distraught that they cast a winning vote.

Over at MSNBC, Chris Hayes unsurprisingly dedicated much of his show to pondering the dynamic of white racism at play in the British vote, quickly cutting off a white liberal British analyst on his show when he began to suggest that the British voters had legitimate economic concerns about mass immigration into the United Kingdom, from wage suppression to increased competition for scarce jobs. In America, Hayes noted with a sense of visible satisfaction, whites are less of a super-majority than they were but a generation ago, whereas the United Kingdom was still overwhelmingly Anglo—apparently a disturbing reality for Hayes.

Across the spectrum of the Establishment Media, from the national dailies like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today to the financial papers like Investors Business Daily and The Financial Times, the hue and cry of catastrophe could be heard, as the organs of the elite ground out a funeral dirge for what they claimed was Europe’s best hope to keep the continent from dissolving back into national rivalries and ultimately World War III.

One talking head on Fox News Channel opined that the British had just played into Vladimir Putin’s devious hands as he seeks to reassert Russia’s power on the global stage—though he didn’t explain how reestablishing British sovereignty gives Putin a leg-up.

But if there was any panic, chaos and carnage to be found on Friday, it was prevalent among the elites that have successfully pushed globalization—economically, financially and culturally, along with its required military commitments—for more than a generation without a notable setback until now.

And they were not expecting it.

Britain’s decision to reassert its sovereignty struck like a thunderbolt not just in London and Brussels, but all over the continent and throughout the swanky quarters in capitals around the world, demonstrating once more the complete disconnect between the governing class and those that are being governed, or more accurately: abandoned.

If the shrill denunciations of the vote and the accusations that it was propelled by the evils of xenophobia, nativism, isolationism and racism all sound rather familiar, that’s because it’s effectively the same lines being shrieked by the same people since last summer when Donald Trump began his march to the Republican Party’s nomination. Just as Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney and the corporate internationalists that own and operate the GOP couldn’t grasp the reality that voters had simply had enough of the ‘free trade’ pacts that hollowed out vast industries in America and the mass immigration that has poured tens of millions of foreign workers and their families into the country to compete for increasingly scarce jobs and resources, the captains of globalization didn’t seem to grasp that they simply no longer had any credibility left with a majority of voters.

The British are leaving the EU for a rather simple reason: it simply no longer worked for them, in terms of delivering meaningful benefits to the majority of the working and middle classes in the United Kingdom, if it ever really did to begin with. And like the business interests that the EU served, it came to resemble a faceless corporation fattened by monopoly and prone to issuing edicts to the citizens of its member states. While it was very effective at enriching the class that operate it, essentially like a board of directors, the EU proved as utterly incapable and incompetent when it came to handling critical matters facing the continent, with mass immigration out of the Middle East and Africa being Exhibit A, a crisis that continues with no end in sight. The near-perpetual dysfunction of Greece as it relies on a series of bailouts is another.

Hillary Clinton, who sounds evermore like a Brussels bureaucrat, offered a pulseless statement that read in part: “We respect the choice the people of the United Kingdom have made.”

But it was Sen. Jeff Sessions, the silver-haired and eloquent  statesman from Alabama, that captured the moment and its meaning: “Now it’s our time. The period of the nation state has not ended. No far off global government or union can command the loyalty of a people like their own country. Vague unions have no ability to call on the people to sacrifice for the common good. They seem incapable of making decisions and when they do, they have difficulty in executing the decision. In negotiations and relationships, national leaders should first ensure they have protected the safety and legitimate interests of their own people. This principle has been eroded and Brexit is a warning for America. Our British friends have sent the message loud and clear.”

Britain’s dramatic vote on Thursday sends a powerful message to the governing elites, one as potent as Trump’s ascendency has been in America: the struggle between nationalism and globalism is far from over and that it involves far more than money, but also cultural identities and sovereign independence that will indeed be fought for.

As the Union Jack is flown in the face of Brussels, the EU and its corporate benefactors that seek a day when nations are simply no more and people are monetized into masses of ‘labor capital’ and ‘consumer markets’ will strike back, hoping to suffocate the fire of nationalism now burning in Britain before it spreads its glowing embers of national sovereignty to the nationalist movements already burning all across Europe.

But it is likely too late.

The European Union is little more than an artificial construct, a bloodless concoction of bureaucrats that is destined to fail and collapse as more people demand national rights and control over their own destinies as independent nations.

Britain’s vote heard `round the world is only the beginning.

“When Britain first, at Heaven’s command

Arose from out the azure main

This was the charter of the land

and guardian angels sang this strain

 Rule, Britannia! Rule the waves!

Britons will never be slaves.”