Rise of The Berserker


Rise of The Berserker

Feminizing and politicizing police forces across the country—not ‘defunding’ them—has been pivotal in unleashing an epic wave of wanton criminality and accelerated the collapse of civil society

“Back then we’d put on our sap gloves and take out our Billy clubs and clear it out. We knew it was going to be assholes and elbows.”  — A veteran Pomona police officer recalling the rough and tumble days of the 1970s and 1980s at the Los Angeles County Fair and its notorious FunZone

By Mark Cromer

The Age of The Berserker has arrived.

It’s the dawning of an era that features the routine humiliation of emasculated police officers and the resulting ‘open season’ on the law-abiding civil populace that’s televised, livestreamed, uploaded and retweeted on a daily basis. The remnants of the American people are relentlessly treated to a dizzying blur of mob violence that’s gutted much of the nation’s formerly Great Cities and is now making quick work of the no longer safe suburbs.

A kaleidoscope of digital programming across a constellation of platforms promotes the highlight reels of flash mobs on looting sprees peppered with motley montages of mayhem carried out by solo street Berserkers indulging their taste for everything from random blitz-muggings to roadside thrill-kills. Street takeovers featuring stolen cars driven wildly in circles around major intersections for the amusement of Berserker hordes has taken the place of date night at the drive-in.

While the savage chaos sown throughout society by The Berserker is updated daily—check your local listings—several Berserker blitz attacks over the past year stand out from the regular programming.

Berserkers are as Berserkers do.

Just over a year ago, in February 2023, Joan Naydich, a 57-year-old teacher’s aide in Florida, was nearly beaten to death by a Berserker standing a whopping 6’6” and weighing a hulking 270lbs. Security footage at the school captured 17-year-old Brendan Depa launching a stunning Berserker blitz attack on a diminutive Naydich, landing a knockout blow so powerful it carried the teacher’s aide literally into the air before gravity brought her unconscious body back down for a hard landing on the floor. As she lay motionless, Depa began to stomp on her head and unleashed a withering series of punches to her face and cranium as well.

In Florida, February 2023, a 57-year-old teacher’s aide Joan Naydich was beaten unconscious by a 6’6″, 270lbs Berserker for allegedly wanting to take away his video game. He struck her so hard she actually became airborne.
The Florida Berserker then proceeded to stomp and beat the teacher’s aide as she lay unconscious on the floor. He spit on her as well.

It took five staff members to finally restrain The Berserker, but as police led Depa away he taunted the officers with obscenities and spit on the battered body of a still prostrate Naydich, threatening to beat and stomp her again if she ever tried to take away his Nintendo Switch, which was apparently what sparked his buck-wild beat down and stomp-a-thon of Naydich. (Note: In later press reports Naydich denied that she had attempted to take his video game away, God forbid.)

In October 2023, prominent progressive activist Ryan Carson, 32, was waiting for a bus with his girlfriend on a bench in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn at 4 a.m. when a passing Berserker decided to put Carson’s social justice credentials to the ultimate test. Video shows that after walking past Carson and his lady, 18-year-old Berserker Brian Dowling returned and, according to press reports, declared: “I am going to kill you right now!” Carson bolted to his feet, seeking to defuse the situation by politely imploring The Berserker to “chill.”

Judging by the video, Carson’s pleas only served to further enrage Dowling and The Berserker launched a frenzied attack on the progressive activist, who dutifully ran in circles as he was slaughtered on the sidewalk while his girlfriend compliantly stood by and watched. In the aftermath, some online observers suggested that Carson had errored by not immediately identifying himself as an “ally” and promptly dropping to his knees with his mouth open and tongue out—which apparently is a universally recognized sign of alliance between progressives and Berserkers.

A Brooklyn Berserker passes progressive activist Ryan Carson and his girlfriend on the street at 4 a.m. in October 2023.
The Berserker returns and despite Carson’s pleas to “Chill,” The Berserker advances on the progressive social justice advocate.
His attempts to de-escalate the situation failed, Carson began a series of dodging maneuvers and some online observers speculated he had unleashed a barrage of farts in a less-than-lethal effort to dissuade his attacker, sadly to no avail.
With Carson’s girlfriend, also a progressive activist in New York, watching on, The Berserker proceeds to butcher Carson on the boulevard.
As The Berserker’s savage slaughter of her beau ensued, Carson’s girlfriend dutifully stood there in stoic observance of the systemic social inequities that led to this unfortunate event.
As Carson lay dying on the streets he loved, his girlfriend appears to be either calling 911 or perhaps more likely a crisis intervention team as a passerby runs to maybe seek actual help.

Others still pondered whether or not Cason had deployed a rapid series of farts as he ran in circles as a less-than-lethal means to dissuade Dowling from butchering him, but conventional wisdom seemed to hold that even the most acrid of sulfuric blasts unleashed by Carson would not have been sufficient to fend off The Berserker.

Ginia Bellafante, a writer for the former newspaper-turned-radical Left agitprop platform The New York Times, took to her column Big City to bemoan the sidewalk slaughter of Carson at the hands of a Brooklyn Berserker and, more disturbingly it seemed to her, the “ugly reactions” his progressive-produced snuff film evoked. While Carson’s life may have been cut short by Dowling’s wildin’ out in radiant Berserker-style, Bellafante marveled that the young progressive activist’s commitment to the social justice cause “allowed him to see the world with the complexity that eludes the trolls.”

Yet was what Carson possessed actually such an acute level of clarity that it allowed him to see life beyond stereotypes, to fully grasp the nature of things as they truly are, or rather was his vision so focused on a cultish adherence to progressive dogma that it blinded him to his inevitable murder on the very streets of Brooklyn that he was so desperate to make a point about by lingering on them at four in the morning?

As 2024 got underway, Berserkers and their breeders everywhere could beam with pride at the Gold Medal gymnastic accomplishment of a 30-year-old Nevada Berserker by the name of Deobra Delone Redden. Brought into a Clark County courthouse in early January to face the music over a conviction for attempted battery, Redden made his case to be cut loose as he insisted he had developed a whole new perspective on life.

When District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus made clear she wasn’t buying his rap, Redden changed his tune in a flash and ‘got all jiggy wit it’ as he launched a wild Berserker charge that saw him leap over the defense table before debuting Berserker Airways as he caught major altitude that carried him over the judge’s bench before crash landing into her and unleashing a frenzied attack with such a velocity that it took multiple court officers to subdue Redden and left one marshal with a dislocated shoulder and bloodied face.

In January 2024, Nevada Berserker Deobra Delone Redden made his case to a Clark County judge that he was a changed man and should not be caged.
District Judge Mary Kay Holthus listens carefully to The Berserker, but moments later indicated she was inclined to jail him.
And on that note, Debra Delone Redden launched Berserker Airways in a debut that went viral, leaping over the defense table before catching undeniable Gold Medal elevation as he skyrocketed over the jurist’s bench and proceeded with a frenzied beat down of the judge. It took five court officers to get him off of her, leaving one with a bloodied face and dislocated shoulder.

From the classroom to the sidewalk to the courthouse, the Rise of The Berserker is upon us.

The proverbial shit hasn’t so much hit the fan as it has America’s sidewalks, plazas and parkways where human waste is now splattered in such ubiquity that it makes encountering coyote scat on a wilderness hike seem rather quaint.

This tsunami of criminal dysfunction is symptomatic of a septic shock that’s setting in nationally as the managed collapse of civil society is diligently carried out by a corrupt power structure that’s committed to the Third-Worlding of The West through calculated policy initiatives intended to dislodge, disperse, dispossess and ultimately disappear the politically unreliable legacy population and in doing so cement the reign of a globalist-oriented oligarchy.

And central to this multi-continent, ethnocultural conversion is the emasculation of law enforcement agencies and its resulting Rise of The Berserker: a bipedal hominid whose most notable characteristics are an almost complete lack of impulse control, an IQ classification that can safely be ballparked from the low-50s to mid-60s and a curious habit of often breaking into jubilant dance routines during mob looting sprees and even amidst horrific acts of deadly violence.

Some Berserkers just love to bust a move while in the middle of Berserking.

The Rise of The Berserker has been a long time coming and its iconic feature is the emergence of a wild-eyed street savage that is indeed distinct from the garden variety criminal scumbag that has plagued previous eras. It is fundamentally rooted in the elimination of masculine police forces that employed tactics proven to be effective in combating crime, securing the safety of the streets and providing civil society with a reliable umbrella of protection.

Use-of-force protocols, pursuit policies and police posture have all been thoroughly poisoned through a progressive pedagogy that has produced the desired results: fearless Berserkers striding the streets with impunity as police have been repurposed into crisis counselors that prioritize pathetic attempts at ‘de-escalation’ while The Berserkers literally laugh and spit in their no-cash bail faces.

A largely paralyzed populace clings desperately to the bizarre hope that the utter chaos will somehow just burn itself out like a fire that’s finally run out of fuel.

It will not.

On February 14, 2020, from a neighborhood bar in Issaquah, Washington, I was treated quite by happenstance to a glimpse of the progressives’ accelerating Valentine’s Day Massacre of America.

An episode of Live PD was on the television and I recognized the cityscape in the background as Pomona, California, the hardscrabble town of my birth and immediately became riveted to the screen as the cameras followed the Pomona Police Department’s Major Crimes Task Force as they prowled the streets looking to hook n’ book the proverbial bad guys—or so I let myself believe if but for a moment.

As a working journalist that covered crime in Southern California during an era when dope-fueled gang warfare was hitting its stride more than three decades ago, I am well acquainted with how effective officers—or perhaps more accurately in plain English: ‘real cops’—conduct themselves in very fluid, volatile and potentially deadly situations.

A second-generation Pomona boy with a family history steeped in law enforcement (a heritage that spans the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Police Department), I also had more than a few of my childhood friends join Pomona’s finest after high school, in some cases following in their own fathers’ footsteps, and I remained close with them and other cops (riding with them at times as a reporter on the crime beat) as they worked radio car beat patrols and gang suppression units as well as the department’s Major Crimes Task Force.

Pomona’s task force was once comprised of elite runners and gunners charged with proactively taking down the proverbial big fish criminal predators swimming throughout the city.

So, the first sign of something very wrong going on in the Live PD episode was the arrival of task force officers at the scene of what appeared to be a run-of-the-mill traffic collision on Pomona’s municipal border with Claremont. It was a call that beat officers from either agency could and should have handled, so I suspected that this had more to do with the television show’s camera crew tagging along with the task force on a slow afternoon than anything else.

But what struck me very quickly about the scene was the utter absence of what cops in the past called ‘command presence’—a stature on the street that’s an amalgamation of lawful intimidation and respectful incentivization that kept suspects, associated individuals and the general citizenry in line. Command presence requires a next-level sense of situational awareness, a keen ability to not only read suspects and scenes correctly and respond accordingly but the skillset to decipher the dangers not immediately apparent; i.e. what’s potentially lurking behind a smile, inside a waistband or under the passenger’s seat?

Yet at the scene of this traffic collision captured by Live PD, a crowd formed as officers from the task force seemed dangerously disconnected and as two men involved in the crash got into a physical altercation, officers allowed people to walk up behind them, come into close-quarters with them, circle around them and follow them back to their units where they were taking one of the men involved in the scuffle, who had kicked one of the officers.

To be blunt, when I was covering cops and criminals throughout Southern California three decades ago, that simply wouldn’t have happened, at least not like that, and least of all in Pomona with Pomona PD. I have seen chokeholds—whether within standard policy or otherwise—applied by officers from a variety of law enforcement agencies and I can attest they are very effective at achieving a rather prompt de-escalation.

Three decades ago, the cops I covered would have acted quickly to keep a crowd from forming in close proximity to them and would never have allowed other potential combatants to walk up behind them or circle them or follow them back to their patrol cars.

That’s why God made night sticks and the men willing to use them.

But on that episode of Live PD, rather than anyone being briskly put on the business-end of a baton, a female ‘cop’ who appeared to be the ranking officer of Pomona’s task force at the scene instead administered nothing more authoritative than the admonishment of a 5th grade teacher to two students who had been playfully roughhousing in class, warnings of the caliber: “Be cool!” and “Please stop!”

For a moment, I thought she might blow a whistle and call for a timeout.

The female officer dutifully noted to the Live PD cameras that the lowlife shit-heel in question—who was involved in mutual combat and kicked a cop—was not really guilty of anything more serious than having a bad day. “It doesn’t mean he’s going to jail,” she said. “He just needs to calm down.”

And off to jail he did not go.

I don’t recall if she gave him a lollipop for calming down before cutting him loose, but it looked and sounded like she carried some for just such occasions and perhaps even some neon stickers declaring: ‘You Are Loved!’

At the time, nearly four years ago, I shook my head in disbelief at the complete and total lack of authority, power and street skill the officers demonstrated at that scene and pondered how the serious cops I knew would probably shit themselves in disgust at the sight of such a limp-wristed display, how nauseated they would be by the sort of weakness that can only produce a dangerous contempt among criminals and criminals-to-be as they work through their scumbag predator apprenticeships.

This was not a matter of officer discretion; an on-the-spot deliberation and determination by the officer(s) that the paperwork back at the station outweighed the douche-bag(s) in question transgressions. No, this was a total repudiation of real law enforcement. This was a snapshot of what surrendering the streets looks like in very real terms.

And it was absolutely a mile-marker on the road to the Rise of The Berserker.

In September 2005, Los Angeles City Beat published my cover story ‘Man With A Gun,’ which chronicled the lethal dangers police face through the perspective of officers who had been involved in deadly shootings, including the reflections of the late Sgt. Richard Madden of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Madden had been involved in the infamous April 1970 fatal shootings of four California Highway Patrol officers by two career criminals in Newhall.

Man With A Gun: My September 2005 cover story for Los Angeles City Beat detailed the perspective of cops involved in fatal shootings.

The Newhall shootings demonstrated not only the dangers officers face but framed in high-relief what happens when officers become even mildly complacent or derelict in maintaining an elevated level of situational awareness. During the standoff with killer Jack Twining, who had holed up in a home not far from where the four CHP officers were cut down, Madden was able to speak with him from a phone line in the garage.

“He told me [one of the] the patrolman actually looked embarrassed, like he didn’t want to be there,” Madden recalled in 2005. “So [Twining] just said ‘fuck it,’ bailed out and started shooting.” Twining would later blow his own head off with a shotgun as officers teargassed and then stormed the home (the officers lit him up as well) and his crime partner Bobby Davis surrendered shortly after the two had split up that night. His death sentence commuted to life in 1974 when the U.S. Supreme Court took pity on convicted killers everywhere by overturning the death penalty, Davis finally did the right thing in 2009 and hung himself in his prison cell.

Members of The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times editorial boards undoubtedly wept at the news of Davis offing himself, perhaps placing votive candles around the newsrooms and recommitting themselves and their scribes to so-called criminal justice reform and de-colonizing their editorial style guides in pursuit of their progressive paradise.

Yet Madden’s recollection of what Twining told him that fateful night 54-years ago is as revealing now as it was then: police posture at a scene and the policies which direct (or restrict) their actions is often the difference between life and death.

Sgt. Gary LeBeau, an expert with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Tactics and Survival Training Unit in 2005, where he was in charge of the department’s “laser village” in Monterey Park that drilled tactical protocols into the heads of the more than 3,000 officers who annually traversed its simulated urban environment spread across five-acres that was populated with a role-playing cast of suspects and civilians, reflected back then on what was necessary to prepare cops for encounters with criminal scumbags on the street.

“The training has become much more realistic and much more challenging because of the role-playing scenarios that we put on now,” LeBeau observed back then. “Years ago, the training was someone would come out with an obvious threat and [deputies] would respond. Now we get into more of a gray area. Is deadly force justified? Is it proper? It provokes a much more in-depth thought process because situations in the field always have some complicated factor in there.”

But as I wrote in 2005: ‘Ironically, as police departments deploy more skilled officers with more technology at their disposal in an effort to avoid confrontations and make them less lethal, suspects are becoming increasingly belligerent to cops in an almost daring, taunting manner. It’s a game of chicken, with the suspects betting cops are more reluctant to shoot now—even justifiably.’

LeBeau stated the obvious when he observed “We can’t wait until we see a gun, that’s been proven, just due to reaction time. The average gunbattle in law enforcement last 2.5 seconds or less. It takes more than a second for a human to recognize a threat. You are dealing with millisecond time frames.”

It has been nearly two decades since LeBeau reflected on the split seconds officers have to act in the face of potentially deadly danger and my oh my what a difference a generation makes.

My assessment in 2005 was that criminal scumbags were growing more brazenly belligerent even as police agencies were rolling out new tactics and technology in an effort to reduce fatal encounters with cops on the most savage streets across the land, a development that perhaps suggested a correlation. The more nebulous and less intimidating police presence at incident scenes leads to the greater likelihood the criminal feels emboldened, with efforts to ‘de-escalate’ confrontations often resulting in frenzied escalation by street fiends.

I’d say I was on to something.

In 2024, feminized police agencies indoctrinated with cuckold policies now indisputably have a symbiotic relationship with The Berserker; standing back, standing down and, well, often just standing there as The Berserker gleefully preys and feeds upon a mortally wounded civil society.

Earlier this month in Emeryville, California, a very focused and particularly efficient Berserker went on a balls-out bull run through an Apple Store where today’s prevailing dynamic was again captured on camera. The black-clad and masked goon methodically tore through the display iPhones, snatching dozens of them as the store employees and customers stood by watching with their hands in their pockets or arms folded across their chests—or, of course, recording it on their cameras—but naturally with none daring even in the slightest to intervene.

Emeryville, California, 2024. Berserker’s be busy!

The cherry-on-top moment came as The Berserker strode out the store’s door and waltzed unflinchingly past an Emeryville police car that was parked literally in front of the store. Perhaps the only shock to be had was that The Berserker didn’t jump atop the squad car and perform some slick moonwalking moves for good measure before skipping across the street to a getaway car (I’d say his car, but it was probably stolen) which he had conveniently double-parked for easy departure following his appropriation spree.

Cops? What cops? The Berserker just strode past the ‘patrol’ car and jumped into his getaway ride. He was later identified as the suspect in nine robberies spanning three months from November 2023 to February 2024.

Local media later reported that the same Berserker captured on camera was suspected of three feeding frenzies at that Emeryville Apple Store as well as another six Berserker gold rushes (formerly known as ‘robberies’) at an Apple Store in nearby Berkeley in just a three-month period, from November 2023 to February 2024.

Or, as the new saying goes: Berserkers be busy!

Nearly four years after I watched the pathetic sissification of the Pomona Police Department play out on television, the viewing public was again momentarily mortified by the spectacle of two ‘cops’ from NYPD getting stomped by a pack of migrant Berserkers, a mob beat-down that included field goal-style kicks to their heads and the street savages reaching for the downed officers’ belts and, presumably, their guns. In a testament to eunuchs playing dress-up with police uniforms and badges, the two ‘cops’ who were literally having their heads punted around a Gotham sidewalk never pulled their guns let alone started squeezing off snap-fire stop-shots at The Berserkers that were jubilantly trying to kill them.

No, the NYPD ‘cops’ flopped around on the ground in a sad effort to hold onto just one Berserker even as their fellow savages held a sock-hop on their heads.

Several of The Berserkers that had been taken into custody in the immediate aftermath of playing kickball with the cops’ craniums celebrated their cultural ascendance as they were released from the courthouse, beaming as they mugged for the cameras and saluted the remnants of the American people by flipping double doses of middle fingers right in their faces.

The very public humiliation of the organization once known colloquially as ‘New York’s finest’ was also foretold by the actions of police agencies around the nation during the summer of 2020, as the progressive vanguard of the Democratic Party unleashed their mighty offensive led by its Antifa terror squads and BLM arson mobs that sacked, looted and burned cities, laying waste to businesses and pistol-whipping people into submission, public struggle sessions and slogan-shouting compliance.

The summer of 2020 was an Endless Summer for The Berserker, one that remains absolutely golden.

As the Democrats’ leadership across the disintegrating country ran to the digital parapets where, in a state of exquisite satisfaction, they observed the totality of the triumph that their blitzkrieg had delivered them, police on the streets meanwhile—to the extent they could be found—were often seen standing behind their bicycles, frozen in place like more statues waiting to be torn down even as concrete debris and commercial-grade fireworks rained down upon them.

Instead of responding with ruthless baton charges of a 1968 vintage and preparing, if necessary, to pop a fine bottle of 1970 Kent State on the mobs, the cops didn’t just take a pass—they took a knee.

Your tax dollars at work: Cucks posing as cops  assume the position.

In the summer of 2020, so-called ‘cops’ in jurisdictions around the nation could be found kneeling in front of the victors who delighted in the pathetic supplication of the vanquished. The only thing these badge-wearing cucks didn’t do was turn around and stick their asses in the air in dutiful anticipation of the pounding they seemed prepared to receive, perhaps while sucking their thumbs.

The decades of sacrifice made by the real cops vigilantly standing a post, rolling a patrol and proactively putting themselves in harm’s way every day and night to maintain order on the streets and safety throughout society was discarded and destroyed by such limp-wristed policies and woke social antics in a matter of weeks if not days.

The fear The Berserker once had of police has been put to the torch and the respect for cops that so much of civil society held for them has been burned as well.

As the spring of 2024 begins to crest up on the horizon, The Berserker is poised to seize even greater spoils across the land.

Enforcement of traffic laws has all but disappeared from the streets, freeways and highways. Berserkers behind-the-wheel are literally putting the pedal-to-the-metal and turning avenues and boulevards into NASCAR-meets-demolition derby displays where drivers fly by the 40 mph speed limit signs at triple that velocity, zig-zagging between lanes as they live out their Fast & Furious fantasies.

Intersections in major cities and suburbs are swarmed by Berserkers in so-called ‘street takeovers’ where all manner of vehicles accelerate in circles as plumes of burned rubber fill the air and fellow Berserkers hang out of the passenger windows flashing gang signs for the forest of phone cameras that will keep footage of the chaos running in perpetuity across social media.

Throughout the suburbs of Southern California, drivers now routinely cross through intersections that have deep circles of tire marks burned throughout them like fresh cave paintings and in the wee hours of the night and early mornings across the region residents are constantly treated to the distant roar of engines and the screech of peeling wheels that evoke the eerie zombie clamor heard by Will Smiths character in I Am Legend as he sheltered in the bathtub as darkness fell.

Berserkers On Wheels: The 2013 documentary 12 O’Clock Boys offered an early look at the Rise of The Berserker.

A foretelling of this Berserking on the Boulevards can be seen in the 2013 documentary 12 O’Clock Boys, which chronicles the playful hijinx and shenanigans of Berserkers in Baltimore as packs of them speed through the city’s gritty streets on dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles, popping wheelies and attacking the odd police car as they pass. While subtitles had to be employed by the filmmaker to help viewers understand what some subjects in the documentary were saying—even though they were ostensibly English-speakers with multigenerational histories in the United States—the movie captures the ebullient nature of the Baltimore Berserkers and the practice has since spread to cities such as Dallas and Los Angeles and even to suburbs where Berserkers who can’t afford proper dirt bikes ride minibikes and even bicycles in pack formation to block traffic.

As civil society dies with the collapse of The West, there can be little doubt that Hollywood will inevitably see some real programming opportunities amid the death throes. It’s not difficult to envision a day someday soon when MTV announces its new unscripted series Smash & Grab: Berserker’s Wild! which will mix all the traditional dysfunction and aberrant behavior long celebrated by the former music network with some new gameshow elements focused on the loot that competing Berserkers accrue during their daily pillaging.

The show might even open to a theme song that offers a socially conscious retort to the ‘Bad Boys’ theme from the show COPS, a hard-edged rap spit out against the backdrop of the chaos exploding across the crumbling nation:

“You know we be Berserkin’

In yo face we always smirkin’

Smash and grab is how we workin’

Moms on the cop car busy twerkin’

While we’s on the prowl and always lurkin’

Ready to go buck wild n’ Berserkin’!”  

Bravo will likely jump into the new genre with gusto, the network perhaps offering up a series like Berserker Baby Mama, a very respectful reimagining of PBS’s historic 1973 docuseries An American Family for today’s more discerning audiences. Bravo’s cameras could follow three Berserkers over a 30-day period as they seek to breed as many female extras as possible, with the winner being provided a law firm on retainer, a social influencer team and merchandising experts to exploit the brand as it grows. The show might even feature a wild card of sorts: an extra planted in the paths of all three aspiring Berserker Daddys without them knowing they’re all dipping into the same jacuzzi. Such a plot device would build suspense as the audience waits for the inevitable paternity test results and the Vegas bookmakers would love it.

If such shows and scenarios seem anywhere from implausible to utterly absurd, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention to not only the escalating scale and accelerating scope of the Rise of The Berserker (to say nothing of just turning on TV), but you must also be blind to the well-financed and media-rich resources that propagate and celebrate the savage denouement of The West.

The Age of The Berserker has absolutely arrived, as planned, and it will not be brought to an end unless and until—and within the very short time that may yet remain—Western Civilization can bestir itself, emerge from its stupor and act with an unflinching focus and ruthless decisiveness that would do its forebearers proud.

Police have to be made cops again and charged once more to kick ass and take names. To do whatever it takes to restore the construct of civil society and the very heartbeat of Western Civilization.

And everyday people have to fight on a moment’s notice to defend what they still have and to reclaim what their ancestors built and what was always their birthright as Americans—not flee any further into the long night of subjugation.

Anything less is nothing more than a most merciless death.